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Ahsan Manzil An Architectural Beauty

Ahsan Manzil An Architectural Beauty

An Architectural Beauty of Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil stands as an architectural beauty of Dhaka. It was a symbol of luxury, beauty, influence, and aristocracy. It is wondering to know that Ahsan Manzil was the first building to have electricity. There are beautiful things to see inside and outside Ahsan Manzil. To get more information about this experience, follow a travel note.

Brief history

In the area of Ahshan Manjil, Sheikh Enayet had his summer house. He bought a big area near Kumartuli where he incorporated this summer house. Here he built a beautiful palace which he named   Rang Mahal. After his death, his son sold this palace to the French traders. This land made the traders affluent. They started a tax-free business and doing much better than the European and English traders. Their business gave them a huge opportunity to construct a grand palace. In the compound of the building they dug a pond called ‘Les Jalla’. It is surprising that the pond still exists. But the French couldn’t stay longer.  The power of the English was overdoing them.

The French traders were defeated and sold the property to an established landlord of Dhaka named Khwaja Alimullah. The landlord built a mosque attached to the palace and did some renovation work. Later the trading house turned into the house of Khwaja Alimullah. With his son Khwaja Abdul Ghani, the building went through drastic changes. In the 19th century, Ahsan Manzil became the official residential palace. It accommodated the Nawab family.

The Nawab family was the only elite society in the city. The name Ahshan Manzil was given by sir Abdul Ghani after the name of his son Khwaja Ahsanullah Bahadur. The building has another name called Pink Palace because of the color of the walls, sands, and the history it holds about Bangladesh. Later in 1992, the palace was used as a museum to preserve historical events and rich culture. Now it has become a popular tourist spot in Dhaka.  To get to know more, follow traveling bd.

Things to see inside

The people who lived here were having a luxurious and attractive life. When visitors get inside the building, they get thrilled to see Pink neoclassical materials. The height of the ground floor is 5 meters and the first floor 5.8 meters. The shape of the octagonal metal dome is 27.13 meters high from the ground. A spacious stairway is made come down from the south porch and gets integrated with the bank of the river via the front garden. The beauty of the Shsan Manzil that it built with Indo Saracenic Reform architectural design. In short and easy language, the structure of the building designed both with the subcontinental and Islamic style of construction.

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What visitors get more attracted and interested to see is the most important garden in the palace. The garden has a crowning dome raising above which is the best and highest point of the City. Inside the building, there are two symmetrical halves. The building consists of 31 rooms from inside the building. The Rang Mahal as its know in the Eastern wing has a drawing-room, a library, and three guest rooms. The most striking view inside the building is the decorations of the drawing-room and the Jalshagar with vaulted artificial ceiling by woods. Another attractive place in the building is Andarmahal. It has a ballroom and residential rooms.

The rooms are of a variety of styles which touch the heart of the tourists. The gallery rooms are on the floors. The Darbar Hall is made more beautiful and attractive for the tourists by garnishing green, yellow, and white ceramic tiles with colorful designs. Visitors in astonishment take a very curious look at them. Another interesting matter to know that all the materials and other things like railings, lampstands, and pipes in the building are imported from England. There round arches that characterize the north and south verandas which covered with marbles. To get to know more, follow a travel blog.

The panoramic beauty of nature

The panoramic beauty of nature seen from the building of the second floor. On the second floor, visitors admire the beautiful views of the boats running in and out of the river. From here a magnificent and gorgeous scenic beauty captured. The cool breeze from the river and the light of the day and moonlight night make this place a paradise. Here the museum but visitors not allowed to see it without taking special permission.

In the museum, there are beautiful paintings, old photographs, aristocratic arms, weapons, coats, and some luxurious dresses of the Nawabs. Some wooden furniture also kept there as the remembrance of the Nawab family tradition. In the building, there are pannel discussion tables, ivory mat, animal head, dressing tables, and skeletons. Visitors get amazed at seeing this beautiful historical furniture.  To get more information about this experience, follow a travel note.

Timing to visit Ahshan Manzil

Every day Susan Manzil remained open for the Tourists. But on government holidays and Thursday it reminded close. During summertime, on Friday it opens from 3:00-7:40 pm and other days 10:30-5:30 pm. In Bangladesh April to September is the summertime. But in wintertime, March to October it opens from 9:30-4:30 pm. During and before the Eid festival the most attractive tourist spot, Ahsan Manzil remains closed. But it opens the next day of Eid. In the month of Ramadan, Ahsan Manzil remains open but closes it at 4:00 pm.

little early than the usual time. The cost of the tickets for Bangladeshis is the only Tk. 20. Tourists from SAARC counties’ ticket charge is Tk. 75. Tourists not from SAARC counties buy tickets for USD 1, Tk. 100 equivalent to BDT. To visit the museum inside the building the same ticket required. To get to know more, follow travelingbd.

Way to reach Ahsan Manzil

From abroad visitors can come directly from the airport they land in Bangladesh.it takes only an hour to reach Ahsan Manzil from the airport. Even one can come by CNG-run auto to Ahsanullah road, Nawab Bari in old Dhaka. There are modern hotels here with a sumptuous meal. Visitors also can choose hotels at a very cheaper rate. To get to know more, follow a travel blog.

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