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Bagha Mosque

Bagha Mosque

The historic Bagha Mosque is located about forty kilometers from Rajshahi city. This ancient mosque made of bricks has a total of 10 domes in 4 rows around and two rows in the middle. The doors of the north-south wall have been closed except for five entries on the east side of the mosque. Many burnt clay slabs can be seen inside and outside the Bagha Mosque. Inside the mosque is a special prayer room on the high altar. Who or what this particular prayer room was reserved for is still unknown.

There is a huge pond on the eastern side of Bagha Masjid and a graveyard on the other. The roof of this mosque is 23.16 meters long and 12.80 meters wide. The earthquake of 1897 damaged the mosque roof. Later Bangladesh Department of Archeology reconstructed the dome and roof of Bagha Mosque.

There is a graveyard next to the mosque. Several older people are lying here. Legend has it that Hazrat Shah Daulah Danesh Mand (RA) came to Bagha from Baghdad with five companions to spread Islam in 1505 AD. Sultan Nasrat Shah is also said to have been his devotee. It is popularly said that the place is named Bagha because Shah Daula used to ride on the back of a tiger in this region.

On the way to Bagha Mosque, you can visit Baneshwar Mango Hut. Baneshwar is the biggest mango market in Rajshahi.

Bagha Mosque

How to go to Bagha Mosque

Buses to Bagha depart from Rajshahi Sadar Bus Terminal. It costs 35 to 40 taka per person to go to Bagha Mosque. Besides, you can visit Bagha Mosque with CNG rent or reserve.

Dhaka to Rajshahi

Rajshahi is accessible by road, rail, and air from the capital city, Dhaka. From Dhaka’s Mahakali, Abdullahpur, Gabtali, Kalyanpur, Green Line, Ekta, and Desh Travels, travel to Rajshahi at a fare of Tk 900 to 1200. Non-AC buses like Shyamli, Hanif, National Travels, Bablu Enterprise, etc. operate at a fare of Tk 600 to Tk 750.

The Silk City Express train departs for Rajshahi from Kamalapur railway station in Dhaka at 2:45 PM on six days of the week except for Sunday. Besides, the Padma Express train leaves Dhaka for Rajshahi every day except Tuesday at 11 PM, Dhumketu Express at 6 AM except Thursday, and Banalata Express at 1:30 PM except Friday.

Suppose you want to go to Rajshahi by air. In that case, you can travel from Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport by Biman Bangladesh Airlines, US Bangla Airlines, and NovoAir for Tk 3500 to Tk 4099.


Google Maps location of Bagha Mosque, click here.


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