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Belai Beel (বেলাই বিল)

Belai Beel (বেলাই বিল)

A wonderful combination of river and beel, this beel exists in the area called Kanaya Bazar of Gazipur with its immense beauty. Belai Bill with Chelai River. Although the bill does not have water throughout the year, it appears with double beauty in monsoons. Water Lily fair is going on all over the bill. The red and white Lily is sitting in their own kingdom. It is known that this bill did not exist 400 years ago. During the monsoon season, fishermen are busy around the beel, but in the dry season, Belai Beel turns into Boro (বোরো) paddy field.

Beautiful Belai Beel


Both engine-driven and dinghy boats are available In Belai Beel. You can rent one for the day and take a motorized boat to explore on your own. In the afternoon around this beel, a wonderful scene is formed, with a scattering of Water Lily.

In some parts of this large water body, there is water almost all year round, but its shape increases during monsoons. At present, the bill covers an area of ​​eight square miles, but it was once larger. Baria, Brahmangaon, Bakhtarpur, and Bamchini Mauza villages are Belai Beel. 400 years ago no village existed in Belai Bill. Due to the drought Chelai river, the beel was also in drought form. During the monsoon season, fishermen dig dugouts for fishing around the bill. And during the dry season, the bill becomes a single crop field. Boro (বোরো) rice is cultivated in it.

Standing on the new bridge built near Kanaya Bazar in the fall, sipping a cup of tea, and looking ahead, you will see all the fatigue disappear. You will want to just stare at the charm of the beel during the day full of charms. Maybe you will see the grain-threshing scene! Women do this without the help of machines. All the sparrows in the vicinity nibble on the scattered grains. The scene is as beautiful as the picture.

Chelai river is not very wide, but the depth is not very low. Both motorized and dinghy boats are available here. Ride whatever you want. The only thing to look at is the vast expanse of Belai Bill. Island-like villages around the bill. Bamchini Mauza is one such island village in Belai Bill. Its specialty is one house in one mouza. Except for this Bamchini Mauza in Gazipur, there is no such example anywhere else in the country. There is also ‘Bhawal Pargana’ (cremation ghat or cremation ground) along the river. If you want, you can come and see this cremation house next to the river.

How to go

From anywhere in the capital Dhaka by bus or any other convenient transport, get down at Gazipur Bus Stand or Gazipur Shibbari. From Shibbari, take a rickshaw or CNG to Kanaya Bazar. At Kanai Bazar Ghat, you can hire a boat for the Belai Bill tour. You can go around with a bargain boat on an open bill. And if you want to take a private car, cross the Tongi flyover and take the left road from Pubilc College Gate for four miles, pass Jal O Jangal Kavya Resort, take a right turn, and continue for another ten minutes to reach Kanaya Bazar.

For Google Map Location of Belai Beel, click here.

Where will you stay

Due to its location near Dhaka, it is possible to go in the morning and return in the evening. And if you want to spend the night on the boat, inform the Kanaiya Bazaar Committee with your information.


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