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Bisnakandi is located on the India-Bangladesh border and has breathtaking scenic beauty. The best time to visit this site is during the rain. Bisnakandi, like Jaflong, is largely a quarry. Due to automated mining and stone-laden canoes and trucks, winter is not the best time to visit Bisnakandi. Because of this, the rainy season is the ideal time to visit Bisnakandi, which combines the beauty of high mountains, serpentine rivers, gorgeous falls, and dancing clouds. If you are a foreign traveler, it is always recommended that you hire a guide to help you discover the finest of this region.

Natural Beauty of Bisnakandi


Nature is vital to Bisnakandi. From the luscious green dense forest on the Assamese hills in India to the tiny stream of water flowing to make the most of the river Piyain, a natural jewel in the northwestern part of the Sylhet district. It is a well-known stone collection location. During the rainy season, the scenery is mesmerizing. The water is pure, and the multicolored stone will stay with you for a long time. This site will live on in your memory, whether you visit alone or in a group, whether you are young or elderly.


The mesmerizing waterfall that you can see from here is simply breathtaking. If you are a photographer, you certainly have a lot of alternatives. You may easily capture the most amazing photographs, especially around sunset when the sky transforms into a million different hues.

You may also get up close and personal with tribal life. You’ll be surprised to learn that tribal people’s lifestyles are different from ours. They live modest and not very luxurious lives, like pours, but they are colorful and joyful in their simple existence.

You must go for a boat ride to explore the area’s natural beauty. It is an excellent opportunity to observe Bisnakandi from a different perspective. You can go out with your loved ones and prepare your camera to locate some of this place’s hidden yet fascinating wonders.

How to go

You must first travel to Sylhet district town before heading to Bisnakandi, regardless of where you live in the country. Travel to Bisnakandi from Sylhet Town. It is about 40 kilometers from Sylhet through Gowainghat Road. You can travel from any major city in Bangladesh to Sylhet by bus, train, or plane.

Green Line, Shyamali, Unique, Saudia, S Alam and Ena Paribahan travel from Fakirapul, Saidabad and Mohakhali bus station in Dhaka city. To reach Sylhet by train from Dhaka you can choose Parabat Express, Jayantika Express, Upaban Express, or Kalani Express train from Kamalapur or Airport Railway Station.

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