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Floating Market of Guava – পেয়ারার ভাসমান বাজার

Floating Market of Guava – পেয়ারার ভাসমান বাজার

The floating market appears to be the main focus of Barisal’s (also known as the Venice of Bengal) attractiveness. Nobody knows when the idea for this floating market originated, but it is a century-old tradition. Development and industrialization are sweeping the country. Remarkably they have not yet reached this river-oriented lifestyle. Every day, a large number of farmers and wholesalers congregate here. Other fruits, in addition to guava, are offered in this market.

The southern part of Bangladesh is famous for guavas, often known as ‘Bengal’s Apple’ in Bangladesh. Farmers in Pirozpur (পিরোজপুর) rely hugely on guava growing, particularly in Jhalakathi (ঝালকাঠি) Sadar Upazila and Swarupkathi (স্বরূপকাঠি), and Banaripara Upazila. Such diversity of life is difficult to find in other parts of the country.

The Fascinating Floating Guava Market

Asia’s largest guava plantation has been developed in the border areas of Jhalakathi, Barisal and Pirozpur. The largest floating guava market in Bangladesh is located at Bhimruli (ভিমরুলি), about 15 km from the district town of Jhalakathi. This floating guava market in Bhimruli sits at the mouth of a canal coming from three directions. Although July, August is the guava season, sometimes the market runs till September. August is the best time to visit the floating guava market. After 11 am the crowd of guava market decreases so it is best to visit the market before 11 am.

Floating Market

Farmers from Pirozpur, Barishal (বরিশাল), and Jhalakathi districts pick guavas from orchards and transport them to the floating market in hundreds of small boats beginning in July. You might begin your journey by visiting the nearby guava orchards. Many of which are kept in good condition to welcome tourists.

Besides, you can enjoy the mesmerizing look of houses, schools, bridges and roads along the canal by visiting the backwaters. While walking through the canal, if you want, you can reach out your hand and catch us or guavas. And if it rains, the surroundings will become more charming with unearthly beauty.

Nothing surpasses the beauty of the floating market once you arrive in Bhimruli. The crisscrossed rivers, the boats loaded of guavas. the luxuriant vegetation on both sides of the canal makes you feel like you’ve entered a slice of heaven, even in the midst of the hottest season!

Floating Market

The village Bhimruli of Swarupkathi has become a tourist destination over the last few years. As travelers have been exploring our country more and finding places that are quite extraordinary. So, if you are looking to experience something unique, go out and get a tour of the Bhimruli floating market!

Where to Eat at Floating Market?

White and red sweets from Bhimruli Bazar, hot sweets from Rituparna (ঋতুপর্ণা) shop in Kuriana (কুড়িয়ানা) Bazar, and lunch at Baudir (বৌদির) Hotel and Guthiya Sandesh (গুঠিয়ার সন্দেশ). Apart from this, you can eat Hauque’s Rasmalai হক এর রসমালাই, Rasgolla রসগোল্লা, or Chana ছানা, Shashi’s Rasmalai (শশীর রসমালাই) in Battala area, sponge sweet (স্পঞ্জ মিষ্টি) from Nitai Misthanna Bhandar (নিতাই মিষ্টান্ন ভান্ডারে) in Nayabazar (নয়াবাজার) corner, Chatpatti (চটপটি) near Bibi Pond, curd from Dadhi Ghor (দধি ঘোরের দই), Ghol and Ghol-Muri mixed (ঘোল এবং ঘোল-মুড়ি মিক্সড).

How to go to the Floating Market?

Every day several launches from the Sadarghat launch terminal in Dhaka depart for Barisal and arrive between 4-5 am. From Barisal Launch Ghat, take an auto or rickshaw to the crossroads
and take a bus to Swarupkathi Launch Ghat.

You can rent a trawler from Swarupkathi launch ghat and enter through Sandhya river and visit Atghar (আটঘর), Kuriana (কুড়িয়ানা),  Bhimruli (ভীমরুলী) market. You can visit the markets and canals around Kuriana by renting a boat or trawler.


For Google Map Location of Floating Market of Guava, click here.


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