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Golap Gram: The village of Roses

Golap Gram: The village of Roses

We travel to many places to get some rest from the urban mechanical life or to get rid of physical fatigue or mental exhaustion. However, it always takes time to travel somewhere far away and also costs more. Time management becomes the main obstacle rather than cost. So there are many places around Dhaka that you can visit in a short time. Among them, a beautiful and heart-warming place is Golap Gram, Sadullahpur, which is located in Birulia (বিরুলিয়া) Union of Savar (সাভার) near Dhaka. Sadullahpur (সাদুল্লাপুরে) is located on the banks of Turag (তুরাগ) River in Savar, very close to Dhaka. This village will remove much of the fatigue of your mechanical life.

Golap Gram

The whole village is like a rose garden. The variety of roses covers the higher grounds. Red, yellow, white—no matter how many colors the rose has. As far as you go, the surroundings covered with roses will keep you enthralled. A soft light flickers on the morning dew-drenched rose. The smell of roses spread all over the place. You can buy roses by talking to any of the gardens here. But they don’t want to sell less than 100-150 roses there.

Although it is called the Golap Gram (Village of Roses), there are many flowers besides roses, such as Gerbera, and Gladiolus. Most of Dhaka’s flower needs are met from here. The farmers here provide the roses to various flower markets in the capital including Shahbagh (শাহবাগ).

Rose Market

Local flower growers have built a market in this village. A rose market is held every evening in Shyampur (শ্যামপুর) village. Numerous rose dealer from different parts of the country, including Dhaka, gathered there. Apart from this, there is a soap market in Mostapara. Roses are also sold in this market. Roses are always in demand. So the farmers are also busy throughout the year. Demand increases manifold on special festival days.

Golap Gram

Good time to visit Golap Gram

Sadullahpur has rose cultivation almost throughout the year, so you can visit the rose village at any time of the year. However, roses do not have much power throughout the year. Considering the seasonal variation of Bangladesh, winter is the best time for rose blossoms. Roses bloom in winter, and all the gardens of Sadullahpur are full of roses. Therefore, if you consider the best time to visit Golap Village, it is best to choose winter.

How to go to Golap Gram

You can reach Golap village or Sadullahpur by different routes. But the best route is the Birulia Bridge route. If you take this, you can see all the rose gardens. There are great rose fields across both sides of this route.

There are bus services to Mirpur Beribandh (বেড়িবাঁধ) via Jatrabari (যাত্রাবাড়ী), Gulistan (গুলিস্তান), Farmgate (ফার্মগেট). Apart from this, Diabari (দিয়াবাড়ি Battala Ghat (বটতলা ঘাট) can easily be reached by rickshaw from Mirpur (মিরপুর) section number one or Mirpur-10 or Gabtali. Apart from this, CNG or taxi cabs are also available at Diabari Battala Ghat. But remember that this Diabari is not the Diabari of Uttara. Then from here shallow engine boats leave every 10 minutes towards Sadullahpur. Sadullahpur can also be rented on speedboat, kosha boat, shallow boat contract. In that case, the fare for the go-ahead boat is 300 taka, shallow boat 250 taka, speedboat 500 taka. The entire Sadullahpur can be circled on foot. You can also take a rickshaw on the winding road that passes through the village.


Google Maps location of Golap Gram, click here.


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