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Ham Ham Waterfall

Ham Ham Waterfall

Ham Ham Waterfall, Sreemangal

This waterfall is located in the remote forested hilly area of ​​Kurma Bonbit in Rajkandi Reserve Forest of Kamalganj Upazila in the Moulvibazar District of the Sylhet Division. The locals call it Hamham Jharna or many call it Hammam Jharna. Although there is no road to reach this waterfall, tourists climb the inaccessible hills and small kabaka and high hills with great difficulty and rush here in the hope of enjoying the pure entertainment of nature.

Due to the lack of government patronage and initiative, the communication system here is very fragile. Besides, this waterfall, one of the waterfalls of Bangladesh. It was hidden from public view for a long time due to a lack of publicity.

Natural Beauty Ham Ham Waterfall

The decoration of wild trees on both sides of the road is able to attract the attention of any tourist. Thousands of butterflies flutter their colorful wings between the jarul, chikrashi, and Kadam trees. On the branches of the Aragona fig tree of the spectacle monkey. This forest is full of trees and natural bamboo forests. Different species of bamboo with strange names like Dolu, Muli, Meeting, Kali, etc. have given a different look to these gardens. The chirping of sweet birds will fill your mind. With the feeling of love while walking on the rocky mountain path. The call of the endangered forest people will come to my ears from afar. After going a little farther, at the beginning you will see a wonderful scene of thick fog rising like smoke from the mountains in front of your eyes.

It will feel as if that beautiful mountain is calling you by hand. This is how you will reach your desired Hamham waterfall on foot. Some distance away you will hear the sound of the waterfall. A cool quiet environment all around. There is no way to turn left or right. All I want is to look for this unique creation of the Creator. The sounds of monkeys, monkeys, and thousands of birds chirping in the woods combined with the sound of the waterfall creating a strange thrilling atmosphere. For a moment, we have to forget where I am and how I am. The sky above, the forest all around, the clear water of Jhiri underfoot, and the magnificent fountain in front.


The waterfall is located at the Kurma Banbit area of ​​Rajkandi Forest Range, about 36 km east-south of Kamalganj town. If you want to visit this place, you can take a local minibus, jeep, microbus, and CNG from Kamalganj and Srimangal town to Kamalganj-Kurma check post. This hammam waterfall is 150 feet high and 60 feet wide. You can read another waterfall Shuvolong Waterfall.

How To Reach

Moulvibazar can be reached directly by road and rail from Dhaka. Those who want to go to Moulvibazar by air have to go to Sylhet first and then come to Moulvibazar by road or rail from there. Traveling by rail is more convenient than other routes.

Numerous buses of different modes of transport ply on this route day and night from different parts of the country including Sayedabad, Kamalapur, Kalyanpur in Dhaka. This route has both AC and non-AC buses.

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