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Jaflong A dream land for the tourist.

Jaflong A dream land for the tourist.

A dream place of the Jaflong

Jaflong is located between Bangladesh and Indian Meghalayan border. Jaflong,  in Sylhet, is one of the most tourist spots in Bangladesh. From Sylhet, Jaflong, covered with many ranges of mountains and rain forests, is about 60 kilometers. Jaflong is a scenic beauty of nature situating on the river plain. Here gardens, beautiful landscapes, and mountainous hills enchant the tourists. People who have not visited this attractive place even talk about it and dream to come here. To explore the land more at travel note.


Mari River

Thousands to visitors come here to see pebbles, collect them, and to get amazed at the beauty of the mountains that help the rivers carry these stones. The Mari River runs from the Himalayan Mountains. Along the stream, the river brings lots of small stone boulders. Visitors mostly like here to collect stones as it is famous for pebbles collection. With much joy and delighted soul, visitors take stones as a souvenir of their visit to Jaflong. The people who live here are the Khaso tribe. They actually do the main work of stone collection. Joyfully visitors come to the stream and get pebbles I’m accompaniment with the honest and beautiful tribe people. winter season is the best time to collect stones. Tribe people stay here and tourists love to see their process of collecting stones.

But in monsoon Jaflong takes a new look. The beauty of Jaflong during this time is just thrilling. Visitors observe many different falls cascade from high lush green mountains. Visitors come here to take bath. Also, the stunning beauty of white clouds, waterfalls, and evergreen mountains make visitors wonder and thrilled. To get a fabulous view of it travel at travel note.

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Zero point

In jaflong, visitors make a visit here to see the panoramic beauty of mountains, Meghalayan hills and river plain. The Zero Point is actually the no man’s land located between Bangladesh and India. Tourists take a very close look at the beautiful views of the Meghalayan green hills. The heavy mountainous hills call visitors to play with its panoramic beauty. Another best attractive view visitors see here is the bridge, an iconic picture of Jaflong, a little far from the Zero Point. The bridge is connected between two hills. Tourists must not miss this hill to take photos. On foot, tourists come here and make their day. The bridge becomes more attractive and scenic beautiful when water runs below. It’s a heavenly beauty. If the rise of water goes high, visitors hire boat to explore its traveling beauty and you can write here on a travel note.

The plain River

The plain River is a place where visitors go to collect stones, see the panoramic beauty of Himalaya from far and its flow from different sources. This river is originated from Meghalayan hills. It runs through Bangladesh. Many waterfalls as a cascade from different hills contribute the river to flow. With the flow of the water from different hills, it fetches lots of pebbles along with it for the visitors. Visitors with delight soul, collect them. From here the full view of  Meghalaya hills is fully observed and the tourists enjoy it. To explore the land more at travelingbd.

Punji waterfall in Sengram

Punji waterfall is amazing to see as it is on the hills of Meghalaya. It is located about 700 meters from the Zero point. The view of this waterfall is just stunning. The waterfall takes a different look at different times. During winter water of the river goes down. Then the waterfall looks huge long from the above. As water runs low visitors take boats to reach the waterfall. During rainy season visitors hire boats to go the waterfall. Though it is located in Indian territory visitors are allowed to visit this magnanimous beautiful waterfall. In monsoon time it takes a stunning look. Visitors Wait for this time on a travel note.

Khasi village

Khasia village is another most attractive tourist spot in Jaflong. Khasia lives here for a long time in their unique made houses. Visitors love to see their houses and take beautiful pictures with them. The main occupation of the Khasia people is that they grow betel leaf and betel nut. Their village is just the opposite of the Punji waterfall.  In dry season visitors take a walk to reach there and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. To get more information about this experience, follow a travel note.

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Attractive Jaflong Bridge

This is a beautiful and most attractive site that tourists come to see its magical beauty. The bridge is connected between the two sides of the river Plain. This river gives visitors the opportunity to have look at the heavenly picturesque view of the river, Plain. The hills of Meghalaya stands as a Scenic beauty of nature that the people see with jaw-breaking astonishment. Jaflong Bridge fully covered by these lush green hill and the tourists daydream as if they are in green heaven. This is the most attractive tourist site in Jaflong.

Stone Collection

Visitors with amazement observe the process of stone collection activities. I’m Jaflong, the process of stone collection is the main occupation of the local people. In the stream when the people collect stones visitors take much pleasure from it. It becomes a new experience to see. All the people always remain present there, the stone collectors, stone buyers, and stone bearers who take stones to the stone crushing field. Visitors love to explore this unique work with other people there. Some visitors with much interest get involved in stone collection activities. This gives immense joy and a unique experience that the visitors carry with them for life. To get more information about this experience, follow a travel note.

Way to visit Jaflong

If you start your journey for Jaflong from Dhaka, you have to go first in Sylhet. Jaflong from Dhaka it is only 315 kilometers. And from Sylhet, it takes another 60 kilometers to reach Jaflong. From Dhaka, all the transactions are available: air, bus, and train. Sayedabad bus terminal offers A/C and A/C buses to go to Sylhet.

Trains from Dhaka Kualalampur Railway Station to Sylhet trains are available also. But if you have a short time in hand you can go by air from Shahajalal International Airport. Once you reach Sylhet, take an auto to go to Jaflong, your destination,  that will take only two hours.

Best time to visit Jaflong

Throughout all the seasons, Jaflong is always attractive with its unique look. To enjoy the natural beauty of Jaflong, the best time is monsoon, July to September. During this time the nature of Jaflong takes a gorgeous look which is magnificent and stunning with all the views for tourists. Also during wintertime, Jaflong takes another shape and offers a different experience for the tourists. In wintertime, May to October, the process of the stone collection begins. Some visitors wait for this time to collect stones from the beautiful streams gushing out from the Meghalayan mountains. To get a fabulous view of it travel on a travel blog.

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