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Kotka Beach: A Beautiful Beach of Sundarbans

Kotka Beach: A Beautiful Beach of Sundarbans

Kotka beach is one of the most attractive places in the Sundarbans. It is located in the southeastern corner of the Sundarbans. Kotka beach is located about 90 km from the Mangla Seaport and is the most popular tourist spot among the eastern sanctuaries of the Sundarbans.

Tourists often see The Royal Bengal Tiger here, one of the main attractions of the Sundarbans. Apart from this, Kotka Sanctuary has always occupied a special place in the list of tourists’ choices due to the presence of beautiful Chitra deer herds, different species of birds, peaceful nature, and the presence of various wild animals.

Things to Experience in Kotka Beach

The forest office is located on the west side of the Kotka canal, immediately above the jetty. A little brick walkway leads west from here. This location is ideal for watching the sunset. At low tide, the northern bank of the canal runs straight west from the Kotka Forest Division office, facing the wooden tail. Aside from that, if you find a peaceful location, you can witness a herd of Chitra deer.

Royal Bengal Tiger
Royal Bengal Tiger

You’ll discover three tiger dunes in a row if you travel south of the forest. On these dunes, people frequently spot tiger tracks. You can locate the Boyar Canal just west of the Tiger Dunes. Both sides of the Boyar Canal are densely forested with Keora (Sonneratia apetala), Golpata (Nipa palm), and numerous birds. You can observe groups of deer, monkeys, and pigs in the Keora forest north of the Kotka jetty across the canal. During the winter, you can spot saltwater crocodiles lazing in the sun.

Just outside the Kotka Forest Office, a little stream goes straight east. After a short distance down this path, there is a small jetty on the right with a watch tower above. The Kotka watchtower has four levels. You can experience the great natural beauty of the Sundarbans from the 40-foot-tall observation deck. There is a lovely beach nearby. Walking back from the viewing tower allows you to take in the beauty of the beach. You can locate a long forest and a freshwater pond to the east. The working coast guard, forest officer, and local fishers consume this pond’s water. Looking around, you may spot the Sundarbans’ most endangered wildlife. Also, You can spot several wild animals besides the tiny canal beyond the guard tower.

Jamtala Beach

This beach is a three-kilometer walk straight north past Kotka Watch Tower. Along the way, there are various sizes of Jamgach beach, which is worth the name. Jamtala beach is secluded and clean. You can see crab artwork all over the beach.

In some places, the roots of trees washed away by tidal waves can be seen. The beach goes straight to the beach and ends at Kachikhali. Jamtala Beach is not an ideal place for bathing.

How to go

To visit Kotka Beach, you must first visit the Sundarban area (Bagerhat). Bagerhat is easily accessible from Dhaka. Every day, several buses depart from Saidabad in Dhaka. The journey takes around 6 hours. You may also take a train from Dhaka to Khulna. You can take the Sundarban Express or Chitra Express to Khulna and then a bus to Bagerhat. Bagerhat is roughly 40 minutes away from Rupsha (Khulna).

The launch is the main mode of travel to Kotka. And this tourist boat is docked in the Kotka canal. You will take a launch from Rupsa in Khulna or the Bagerhat port of Mongla. Boats to the Sundarbans are also accessible from Bagerhat’s Mongla, Morelganj, and Sharankhola.

Google Maps location of Kotka Beach, click here.


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