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Manikpur, Chakaria –  Explore the hidden beauty

Manikpur, Chakaria – Explore the hidden beauty

Chakaria upazila of Cox’s Bazar have several natural beauty places. Manikpur is one of them. Recently local government has taken steps to create a official traveling spot in Manikpur to let the travelers explore the natural beauty without hassel. Location of manukpur is not so far from Chakaria Upazila. You can go reach Chakaria via any bus of Cox’s bazar. Then there are several ways to reach there. Best option is to use local CNG or Electric bike that goes from Chiringa ( Main town of Chakaria).


You can see the view of hillside river with amazing connection of the matamuhuri river in Manikpur.

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See a video from one of a traveler who travelled in winter in Manikpur.


Its always recommended to visit the place in group and to know more about the place to avoid scams. Though most of the travelers found the locals to help the travelers with information during their travel time here. You can go another famous palce marayanthong here byt again going back to the chiringa and taking a jeep or bus to the lama-alikodom route. The approximate costing for traveling to manikpur from Dhaka is including Bus fare and Food costing is BDT 4000/per person. Though this may vary according to the travelers objective of the tour and way of traveling.

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