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Manpura Island (মনপুরা দ্বীপ)

Manpura Island (মনপুরা দ্বীপ)

Manpura Island is an isolated land in the Bhola district of Bangladesh. The Meghna River flows to the east, west, and north of Manpura Island and the Bay of Bengal to the south. There is a rare opportunity to see the sunrise and sunset from Manpura Island. Apart from this, there are Deer Sanctuary, Manpura Landing Station, and Chowdhury Project on this island. Manpura Landing Station has been built within 500 meters of the Meghna River. Local people and tourists come to spend time here from afternoon to night.

Deer at the island’s deer sanctuary come very close to the main road at high tide. Sometimes you have to stop the bike and wait for the deer herd to cross the road. Besides, there is a fish enclosure called Chowdhury Project on this island. The vast expanse of ponds and rows of coconut trees along the banks of the lake is quite charming to spend an afternoon. Manpura Island is an ideal place for cycling and camping. Getting lost in the realm of rivers and greenery on a bicycle creates an exhilarating feeling.

History of Manpura Island

In 1517, travelers chose Manpura for their trade and settlement. At that time, travelers named the island Manpura because of its immense natural beauty, river fish, livestock, buffalo milk, cheese, and curd that filled the mind of any visitor. However, there is disagreement over the naming of Manpura.

Historian Beveridge writes about the naming of Manpura, a man named Mangazi leased Manpura Char from the zamindari of that time in the mid-eighteenth century. Later locals named the island Manpura after him. According to local folklore, Mangazi, a sailor here, lost his life in a tiger attack, and the island named after him. This island was once associated with Hatia-Sandwip and the people of Sandwip began to settle here during the Mughal rule.

In 1833 Manpura was given permanent settlement under Bhola. After a hundred years in 1983, Government promoted Manpura to Upazila.

How to go

Being an isolated island, launches are the only means of access to Manpura Island. Two launches named MV Farhan-3 and 4 from Dhaka’s Sadarghat depart for Hatiya at 5 pm every day and reach Manpura Island between 7 am and 7:30 am. Watching the sunrise from the launch is mesmerizing. 350 Tk per person to ride the launch deck. Launch from Manpura Ramnewaz Launch Ghat at 2 PM for Dhaka.

Besides, you can come to Manpura by Sea-Truck from Dhaka or Barisal via Bhola to Tajumuddin Ghat. Daily Sea-Truck departs from Tajumuddin at 3 pm and the return Sea-Truck departs from Manpura at 10 am. Two launches also depart from Betua Ghat at Charfashan in Bhola for Manpura’s Janata Bazar. However, from April to November, this waterway is considered a danger point, so the launch movement on this route is closed for these 8 months.

Manpura Island Travel Time

Camping at Manpura
Camping at Manpura

Winter is the best time to visit Manpura. Camping in Manpura during winter adds an extra level of enjoyment to the trip.

Where will you stay

Manpura has Dak Bungalows of 3 establishments (Government Dak Bungalow, Caritas Bungalow, and Press Club Bungalow) for overnight stay. You can spend the night in these bungalows for 300 to 500 taka with the permission of the concerned authorities.

What to eat

In winter, roast duck is a very popular dish on Manpura. Moreover, you can taste buffalo milk curd, fresh river hilsa, Boal, coral, and lobster.

For Google Map Location of Manpura Island, click here.


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