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Nafakhum Waterfall

Nafakhum Waterfall

The first thing to recollectonce you want to enjoy the sweetness of Nafa-Khum, you’ve got to travel an extended way. Surely, I can assure, you’ll just like the place and can not be bored. does one know, Nafakhum is that the largest waterfall in Bangladesh if you think about the quantity of water falling? People explain it because of the Niagara Falls of Bangladesh. that’s to mention, Nafakhum is found within the Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban district a hilly district of Chittagong Division. Thanchi is found 79km away from Bandarban district. to elucidateyou’ve got to require the boat from the Sangu river then it’ll take you Nafakhum via Remokrri. You can’t forget the sweetness of the hilly areas at the side of the river.

You have to require an area guide to succeed in Nafakhum Waterfall. Otherwise, it’s impossible to travel. As an illustration, I will be able to make an entire guideline that can work as a guide for you. it’ll surely support for not missing any things or places. If you’re an adventure (adventurous) lover, want to trek an extended way, and don’t miss the chance of watching the particular great thing about the hilly tracts and rivers, you ought to visit Nafakhum a minimum of just one occasion in your life. Let’s see the itinerary for visiting Nafa-Khum.

Visit Nafa-Khum

The adventure lovers are traveling Nafakhum all the years. So, you’ll also go to your required times. Additionally, within the season, water flow within the river is stronger and above danger. For this reason, you’ll not get permission from the authorities to go to Nafakhum. On the opposite hand, within the winter season, the water level is extremely low and you can’t accompany the boat. Accordingly, the simplest time to go to Nafakhum is after the season and before starting the winter season. meaning the center of the rainy and winter season as like September to November. Under those circumstances, if you get any month or week which prevails in a relaxed and quiet environment, you’ll also visit Nafakhum. I might suggest checking the weather broadcast for making the choicebutyou’ll take the suggestions of the agency including Travel Mate and you’ll also accompany their preferred schedule. To the topit’s regardless of once you are traveling Nafakhum, it’s important that you simply will feel the sweetness of that place. You can read another waterfall Panthumai-waterfall.

How To Reach

Forgoing Nafakhum, you have to first come Bandarban district. Then you have to use local transport for reaching Thanchi Upazila. At last, you have to go Remokrri by boat in the Sangu river and then Nafakhum.

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