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National Martyrs Memorial

National Martyrs Memorial

National Martyrs Memorial An Iconic Structural Beauty

Erected as an iconic national monument, National Martyrs Memorial reverently remembers those valiant people who sacrificed their lives in the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. It is an iconic structure of memory, history, and of our past glory. Jatya Sritisoudho, National Martyrs Memorial is at Savar about 35 kilometers northeast of Dhaka. Throughout the year the place always crows with tourists, visitors, and school children. It is a must-visit tourist spot in Dhaka explore with your curiosity here at traveling-bd.

A brief history of the National Monument by Traveling-bd

The monument designed by the architect Moinul Hossain. In addition the area situated in about 84 acres of land. In addition the land fully covered by a green belt. The mass graveyards and a pond in front of the monument. After that on 16th December 1982, the National monument was erected 11 years after the liberation war in 1971. In the month of December in 1971 in history, Bangladesh was formed as an independent country after 9 months of bloody war and at the cost of many lives. To memorialize the heroism and sacrifice of the great war heroes National monument was put up significantly. Therefore the monument serves as an iconic structure that encapsulates our nation’s gratitude and respect for the people who laid down their lives for the sake of freedom and the right to self- rule. To find a suitable place for the establishment of the memorial structure, the government chose this vibrant land.


Vibrant Land

Firstly this land was of the reminiscent of the decaying mound of the ancient city of Pundranagarain Manhattan, Bogra. In addition In the first phase of the project, the government required 110 acres of land as its the first initiative taken in 1972. But the main area needed 84 acres of land and the other remaining area considered to used for land- water greenbelt. In the first phase access to roads created. And in the second phase, mass graves spaces for parking, and pavements were made in 1974-1982.

The final phage, the third phase, was for constructing the monument, greenbelt, and cafeteria in 1982. To design national monuments, a competition took place in 1978 including the architect Muzharul Islam. For the competition, there were 57 participants. A 26-year-old architect, Mainul Hossain among the participants was selected. Moreover a legend has it that the design he drew captured the new nation’s aspirations. However It achieved a gesture of sublime ascension. As a result every year the National Monument in December becomes an epicenter to celebrate nationhood in collective rituals. Explore your curiosity here on the traveling-bd blog.

Paranoic view by Traveling-bd

The structure of the monument is thrilling for the visitors. Visitors get a vivid and strong view of the structure from the main entrance. One has to cross an uneven and jagged path inside the premises to reach the National Monument. There is a lake, man-made, by a bridge in front of the monument that symbolizes struggles and troubles and the painful journey required to gain independence. Visitors take photos from here mostly. The green view around the place can be seen in this region. This stunning pyramidal and iconic view of sculptural structure touch every heart of the visitors. The National Monument holds a holistic landscape, green areas, waterbody, walkways, and concrete tombs which make a beautiful combination of structural beauty.

Traveling BD

The winding ways allow the visitors to observe the monument from different perspectives that offer a dramatical experience of the monument’s configuration. The viewing location also sometimes matters. There are beautiful flowery gardens inside the monument’s premises. The flowers in the garden make the place more attractive and beautiful. There is a green meadow among the tall green trees.  Sometimes visitors sit on the grassy field to feel the cool breeze of the surrounding.  There is an artificial water body. Sometimes visitors come here to spend time quietly with a peaceful environment.

The Magical Structural Beauty of the Monument

Writers, poets, peace-loving people, and also school children come here to explore its beauty and magical structural beauty of the monument. Families, tour groups, and tourists love the lush green gardens and the background it creates to help visitors take pictures. Therefore the area is well maintained, preserved and security provided at its best. For that the sunset in the evening also creates tremendous joy. The rosy sky gives pleasure in the heart of the visitors. However visitors do not miss this wonderful scene that the nature of the National Monument offers. But be careful of the pickpockets here. In conclusion they may spoil your visit to the National Monument. Explore with your curiosity here at traveling-bd.

The arrangement of the monument and its stunning beauty

From one viewing location, if you see the monument it will look to you of one structured monument. But actually it is not – the plan of the monument is of seven arrangements. To clarify each of the Piller is standing independently on the concrete plates. For that visitors get to wonder at the skillful work of the structure. Each of the Piller is of unique dimension either in height or base. There are many things to see in the monument itself that will fascinate you tremendously. All the plates of the monument are folded at a 90-degree angle. Explore with your curiosity here at traveling-bd note.

The plate which is the highest has the shortest base and the shortest one has the longest base. In brief The plates which folded placed one after another in a parallel position, keeping space between 9 feet and 2 inches. The highest plate is facing the front side while the shortest one at the backside. This configuration powerfully and majestically has taken a curve that rises towards the sky. It is an unimaginable beautiful monument that creates a great impression on the heart of the tourists. The arrangements of the National Monument seen as an ideal architectural beauty.

There another thrilling experience visitors and travelers come to know from the monument. Moreover the monument has a magical number 7. Moreover the number 7 refers to the movements between 1952-1971. As a result it considered one of the finest monuments in the world. Explore your curiosity here on the traveling-bd blog.

Ways to reach the National Monument by Traveling-bd

There are buses, taxis, and autos that can take you to the National Monument. From Farmgate you can get on to a bus, called, Welcome. From Farmgate to the National Monument by the bus, Welcome will charge you only Tk. 60. Howevery by taxi direct from Farmgate to Savar, Nabinagar might charge you Tk. 350 or above. Finally explore with your curiosity here at traveling-bd.

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