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Scenic beauty of the Sun and the nature Kuakata sea beach

Scenic beauty of the Sun and the nature Kuakata sea beach

Kuakata sea beach with the beauty of the Sun and nature

Kuakata sea beach is known as the Daughter of the sea or Sagor Kannya. Which is hailed and famous wildly for its picturesque and panoramic stretched sea beach. Every year people from different parts of the world visit this place to enjoy especially the Sunset and the brilliant dawn which sings the song of its unfathomable beautiful scenic nature. To know more, follow the travel blog.


The beach is situated at Kalapara Police Station under the Potuakhali district. With 18 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide this beach holds tremendous power to attract the visitors. From Dhaka, Kuakata beach is about 320 kilometers and from Patuakhali Sadar only 70. Tourists with utmost passion for witnessing natural mysterious beauty come here. And the beach generously offers its fabulous unique beauty through both sunrise and sunset. the beach is a combination of heavenly beauty and that of earthly with the sky’s thousands and thousands of stars, and the Moon and also clouds which smile at the earthly trees, sandy Beach, vast bay and evergreen bushes. Visitors also get curious to observe 100 years old of Buddhist temple and of the two wells about 200 years old. Quench your curiosity here travellingbd.

Brief history

History has it that when Rakhine settlers in the 1780s were chased out from Arakan by Mughal. They happened to reach this place and stopped here to drink water. As there was no fresh water for the drink, they dug two deep wells on the seashore. This place was then known as the Kuakata because Bengali term ‘ qua’ means ‘well’ in English and ‘ kata’ means ‘ cut’ in English. So the name of this was formed as Kuakata, cutting of the well or digging to make well.

Tourists sites

There are some tourist spots made nearby the beach to spend more time here with the beautiful nature and see the sunset sinking into the water as if it calls to accompany her to see more beauty around the world. One can see the full scene of the sun rising and setting from these places. To experience more, follow the travel blog.


Jhaubon is a place very near to the beach. It is a man-made green meadow as the initiative is taken from the government for the visitors to find serenity in enjoying the undecaying beauty of the beach. The Jhaubon area is located within the walking distance from the Kuakata beach. This area holds plenty of coconut trees. From here tourists enjoy the amazing and glorious beauty of the Sunrise. Some visitors make a visit to an eco-park which is not far this Jhaubon.

Gangamati forest

This travel blog Gangamati forest can be made a visit point for the tourists either on foot or by bike from Kuakata beach. There are many trees, birds, and green Meadows here that the visitors love to explore. In the afternoon this forest opens a door of rosy light spark by the Sun. The sun peeps through the leaves of the trees as if it is taking farewell from nature and indicating that it will rise again with magnanimous new glorious beauty. Visitors from this jungle as little far the Kuakata beach see some water birds coming back their nets. This beauty is marvelous as if it is a marvelous work of the almighty who is more beautiful than His own creation. Quench your curiosity here travellingbd.

Farrar island

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The Farrar island is another attractive zone located in the south of the Kuakata beach. This is a greenery beautiful island as it is very near to the Sundarban. This place is also called a mangrove forest. The Farrar island is also known as Farrar Bon, visitors came to this place by boat or trawler. Nobody is allowed in without permission is granted by the forest camp. As this island is full of trees, there are some animals live here adding little attraction for the visitors. Visitors can take close look at them and enjoy time with rabbits, deer, monkeys, and other animals.

Mishrapara village

To clarify on a short tour to Kuakata beach, visitors do not miss paying a visit to Mishrapara village which is 9 kilometers northeast of Kuakata. To clarify this village is famous for a big and long Buddhist temple. A beautiful 30 feet high statue of Buddha is placed inside the temple. Many tourists from around the world, Lovers of Buddha, come to pay homage to His statue. Likewise one can reach this Rakhaine village by motorcycle from Kuakata. However some tourists, both Hindus or Buddhists, make a pilgrimage here during Rush Purnima and Maggie Purnima occasions. On these days both devotees take bath at the Bay of Bengal, offer their prayer, and then take part in the joyous traditional fair. Explore with your curiosity here travel note.

Process of making dry fish

For instance some tourists also find interest to see the process of making dry fish. There is a place located 4 kilometers west of Kuakata where fisherman dry fish on the shore and the visitors curiously take snaps of their magical process. Likewise In the winter season, generally, fishes are put in the Sun to dry which is, later on, made shuts and supplied in different places of the country.

Coconut garden

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This travel blog we discuss the Narikel Bagan, Coconut Garden, is another tourist site which is situated in the east of the main beach. This Coconut Garden is not so far from Kuakata sea beach. The name of the garden itself carried its significance- there are many coconut trees here for a long time. Visitors get wondered to see some of the old coconut trees and spend time sitting under these trees. Locals believe that some of the coconut trees are more than 40 years old. There is an amazing moment to see the play between water waves and these old coconut trees that the people enjoy most here.

Leber char

Leber Char lies in 100 acres of land with the stunning beauty of some famous green trees like Keira, Golpata, Goran, Grows, and so on to which visitors can come in contact with easily as it is a part of Sundarban. This place is located east of Kuakata beach only 5 kilometers away. One can come here by motor car or any vehicle.

Delicious food

Tourists enjoy here fresh local fish prepared instantly on the beach.For instance visitors love to eat freshly caught seafood like coral, Lakka, prawn, holds, lobster, and crabs. In Leber Char there is the bar- be – cue stands where tourists are served fresh crabs cooked in front of them. But you have to make sure of the price. Besides all this, there are modern hotels here in here travel blog.

Way to go

To reach Kuakata beach from Dhaka visitors first have to go to Barisal either by road or waterway. Buses and launches are available from Dhaka to Barisal. By bus, it takes 10-12 hours and launches almost the same. From Barishal to Kuakata beach one can travel by bus or rent cars that will take not more than 6 hours. Explore with your curiosity here travel note.

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