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Stunning Nature Beauty of Sundarban

Stunning Nature Beauty of Sundarban

Stunning nature beauty of Sundarban

Sundarban, which is located in the southwest part of Bangladesh in the district of Khulna, is the biggest mangrove forest in the world. However a small portion of the forest is shared with India. Above all sundarban is a large littoral forest is of about 3800 square kilometers.  The Sundarbans has much to offer for the tourists. For all of these the beauty of embedded in its absolute unique natural surroundings along with different species. For what tourists also sometimes come to enjoy seeing rivers and its charms added by meandering streams, creeks, rivers, and estuaries because it is that the world’s largest delta sort of Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghna. Though you can see Miles after miles the lofty treetops, marks on the river banks from high and ebb tides, tree trunks, and a variety of small mangrove forests, trees, and animals attract visitors to take snaps of natural beauty that each element of Sundarbans marks out. Moreover, explore with your curiosity here at travelingbd‘.

For animals like the world’s famous Royal Bengal Tiger, deer, crocodile, owl, wild boar, lizard, and other Sundarbans is the natural habitat. Siberian ducks, migratory birds flying over sailboats full of golpata, timber, wood, honey, shell, and fish increase the natural serene beauty of the Sundarban that throws tourists at wonder. Though there are some demarcated spots for tourists to observe the beauty of Sundarban. For instance the famous spots are Hiron point, Katka, deblur char, tin Kona island, and the rives in the forest.

Hiron point

Katka zone

In Katka, visitors love to see various wild animals deer, birds, and different types of monkeys. As a result visitors sometimes offer monkeys some share of their snacks. Certainly monkeys joyfully receive it and show them some magical dance. For example their long jump from one tree to a different makes tourists stunned and burst into amazement. Explore your curiosity here on the travelingbd

Dublar char

Tim Kona island

For tiger and deer, Tin Kona Island is demarcated. As a result tourists sometimes come here with guides to take a very close look at them. Tin Kona Island is called ‘ Three-cornered Island’.Certainly Visitors come here to refresh their weary souls.  Explore with your curiosity here travelingbd.

Unique green plants

Salty water forest

The salty water forest in the Sundarban located in the southeastern part where Gewa, Goran, Keora, Passur, Ora, Dhundal, and Bain are dominating trees is the main attractive zone for the tourists on the travelingbd. The saltwater forest found in the southern part of Khulna and Bagerhat. Where Sundari trees can see and tourists do not miss it to take pictures of them. The thick mat of Golpata seen near all the canals. Freshwater zone found here results from a big amount of water body and flows down into the river Passer. The prime attraction of this place is tigers – they love to stay in the salty water and they use the bushes in this area to camouflage themselves. Explore with your curiosity here at travel blog‘.

Different species

Ths is to say animal lovers come only to see the paradise of different animals, birds, and other crawling creatures in Sundarban. For that within the habitat of the forest, there are about 50 species of mammals, 320 species of inland and migratory birds, 52 species of reptiles, 8 species of amphibians, and 400 species of fish. There are Spotted deer, barking deer, jungle cats, leopard cat, otter, and wild that make the visitors thrilled. Explore with your curiosity here at travel note.


Way to go

In conclusion To help tourists visit Sundarban there are many private tour operators. Firstly taking permission from Divisional Forest Office in Khulna you can go by boat from Mongla to Hiron Point. After that there are some government agencies like Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation can help you visit Sundarban peacefully and enjoy the natural beauty. At last explore with your curiosity here at travelingbd.

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