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Bhutia Padma Beel : Lotus Flower Heaven

Bhutia Padma Beel : Lotus Flower Heaven

Bhutia (ভূতিয়া) Padma Beel (পদ্মবিল) is located in Terkhada (তেরখাদা) Upazila of Khulna (খুলনা) District. For nature lovers, this Padma Beel is like a paradise. Thousands of lotus blooms all over the Beel. This charming scene works like magic to wash away the tiredness of a busy citizen’s life. Bhutia Padma Beel reflects the beautiful nature of Bengal, which is not seen everywhere like before. Lotuses are spread all around. The flowers are swaying in the gentle breeze. In the morning, it is as if beauty is arranged in the Beel. The pleasure of seeing such scenery by boat is different. At hand, in front of the eyes, there are countless flowers. A closer look will take you to the land of dreams. Also, the white buck on the bill, the swimming of the ducks, and the sound of different birds excite the mind.

How to go Bhutia Padma Beel

If you want to see Bhutia’s lotus flower, you must first come to Khulna district town. Then from Khulna city, you have to take a bus or CNG to Jailkhana (জেলখানা) Ghat, which is about 18 km away at a place called Terkhada Bazar. Just mention Padma Beel to any local in Terkhada Bazar, and you will find the place. Small dinghy boats are available for hire to explore Padma Beel at Terkhada Bazar. Bargain if you want to ride the boat.


Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower

When is the best time to visit Bhutia Padma Beel

6 AM to 6:30 PM is the best time to see lotus flowers. Because as the day increases, the lotus flower petals begin to fade. September-October is the ideal time to visit Padma Beel in Bhutia.


Where will you stay

Tiger Garden International, Hotel Castle Salam, Western Inn, Hotel Holiday International, Hotel Millennium, and City Inn Limited are notable among the private accommodations in Khulna city.


Where to eat

There is several good restaurants in Shivbari (শিববাড়ী) intersection of Khulna city. Sandesh, 1 taka Puri, Kacchi Biryani, and Lobster are famous among the food in Khulna city.


Google Maps location of Bhutia Padma Beel, click here.


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