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Panama Nagar A Tourist City

Panama Nagar A Tourist City

Tourist Place Panama Nagar

Travel blog Panam Nagar is famous for its historical buildings. Many historical buildings were built in this area. Centuries ago traders run their business. Panam city is located, in Narayanganj, Sonargaon. This city has an ancient memory which is very much vivid in the buildings standing in this vicinity. In this area among the three main attractive cities like Boro Nagar, Khas Nagar, and Panam Nagar the latter was more glorious and magnificent.

The hugeness of the city is still reign that calls traveler to take a look at it with a curious mind. These buildings located in this vicinity are related to the history of Baro- Bhuyan. A 20-kilometer area of Sonargan used for Panam Nagar. And to see the significance of the area many visitors come to soothe their curious soul. Panam Nagar is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Bangladesh. Explore your curiosity here on the traveling bd.

A brief history of Panama Nagar

The most visited tourist attraction in Sonargaon in Panama City.  From the Sonargaon museum, it is very close, half a kilometer far. The history of this place goes like this: The name this place was Suvarnagram. A Hindu king, named Danujmadho Doshoroth, in the 13th century established his capital in this region. During his reigns, this place was beautiful with natural landscapes. After his reigns, it was handed over to Muslim governance. And during the Muslim governance, this Sonargaon city was made one of the capital and administrative hub. And during this time many religious architectural monuments put up here with much attention and love we focus this travel blog reader interest.

The Panam city was growing as an attractive and most beautiful region for the people. Also in its popularity, Panama City was growing as a by-product of the East India Company for its commercial activity. The East India Company had its trading centers in this Panam city and carried out its trade of buying Muslin, cotton, and fabrics. These residents were for the Hindus who came to this part for trading. However during the Bengal division in 1947 after a series of racial riots this urban residential area forsaken. And after 1965 India – Pakistan war Hindu merchant finally left this place for good. Explore with your curiosity here at travel note.

Location of Panama Nagar

From Dhaka it is only 30 kilometer, southeast, to reach the Panam city at Sonargaon. This place consists of  52 buildings in dilapidated and unused conditions standing in the length of 600 meters and width 5 meters. The Panam Nagar is in Sonargaon, Dhaka.

Architectural Beauty

Many buildings built here that have read used for residential and commercial purposes. The 52 buildings built had an archeological beauty. Most of the buildings three-storied and of rectangular form. These buildings designed by European artistic skills and the Mughals. The buildings were built with various types of bricks of different sizes. And these historical amazing buildings plaster with lime and brick- dust full of mosaic, colorful glasses, and wooden beams used to make roofs.

These attractive, stucco- shaped buildings posses trenches on either side, ponds with trees, and deep wells. Visitors get more interested to see the Bhaban- Kashinath Bhaban and Niharika Bhavan as having named after the tablets found inside the buildings. The tablets ware found intact. The names of the two buildings bear the memory of the people who lived here. The archeological beauty of the buildings fascinates the tourists. The huge buildings also provide a deep silence of natural beauty in their surroundings. Explore with your curiosity here at travel note.

Artificial canals

Later on, the condition of Panama City was decaying due to flood, vandalism, illegal occupation, earthquake, and poor maintenance by the government. People still go there to see its unforgettable history of the past the archeological beauty that each brick contains. So some steps are taken to beautify this city so that visitors may not feel board rather take a deep breath of satisfaction of having observed the memory of the fallen city. Visitors love to see the artificial canals running under the entrance bridge of Panama City.

The canal on the south flows towards the north-south road and passes the Panama Bazar. Visitors sit by the lake and enjoy the serene beauty of nature. The cool breeze of the lake freezes the of the anxious souls. Children play around the lake. It’s a fabulous attractive zone to enjoy the beautiful lakeside. Tourists also visit the Sonargaon Museum. Some other beautiful and historical places are here like Panama Nagar Bara Sardarbari, Coto Sardarbari, Panama Bridge, Talshal, and Moth. Besides all these places there are some most visited spots in Panama City. Explore your curiosity here on the travel blog.

Ancon Hill

Ancon hill is one of the tourist sites in Panam Nagar. People come here to spend time with the surrounding nature. The whole beauty of Panam city can capture from the top of the peak of this hill. The lush green trees in the hill provide visitors serenity. This hill is about 654 feet high from the ground. The top of the hill used as a popular hiking and jogging place. Tourists love to come here often. This is so attractive and fascinating that visitors irrespective of gender like to spend time with nature listening to the songs of birds on trees you can enjoy these fun scenes by reading this blog.

Visitors feel to spend time with natural beauty. Many tourists like to take their families. Though sometimes they like playing musical instruments, sing songs in a group, and play different games. In the 20th century, it was under the US jurisdiction as part of the Panama canal. Explore your curiosity here on the travel blog.

Way to go

To go to Panam Nagar by bus, you can start your journey from Gulistan, Dhaka. But if you go to a group, for better merriment, you should hire a taxi for a day. If you start early in the morning, you will reach early at Panam Nagar much earlier avoiding the city’s noises and troubles. Once you go out of Dhaka, you will enjoy morning cool breeze with lush green vegetation fields, trees, and grassland. If you get confused to locate Panam Nagar the muters. They will help you reach the city. Visitors like this place most as provides all facilities along with all-natural beauty. Explore with your curiosity here at travelingbd.

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