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Rijuk Waterfall

Rijuk Waterfall

Rijuk (ঋজুক) Waterfall is located on the banks of Sangu (সাঙ্গু) River, 66 km from Bandarban (বান্দরবান) district headquarters and 5 km from Ruma (রুমা) Bazar. While going from Ruma Bazar to Thanchi (থানছি) on the river, you can see this ever-young Rijuk Waterfall. The name of this waterfall in the Marma (মার্মা) language is Ri Svang Svang (রী স্বং স্বং). The water stream flows from the hill about 300 feet high all year round. And during the monsoons, the stream’s flow increases so much that even a boat with a big engine has to struggle to reach the waterfall. The flowing water stream throughout the year and the beauty of the pristine wild greenery have given Rijuk Waterfall an unearthly serenity of nature.

Rijuk Waterfall

Not only Rijuk but also Sangu is no less when it comes to beauty. Except during the rainy season, the water in the Sangu River is low at other times of the year. If you shake cleanly, you can see the kingdom of sand and small pebbles under the water. On the opposite side of Rijuk, there is a neighborhood of Marmas. The name of this neighborhood is the new Rijukpara (নতুন ঋজুকপাড়া). Again, Bomd’s (বম) village on the hill is called Rijukpara (ঋজুকপাড়া). If you have time, you can see Rijuk Waterfall and get acquainted with the tribal way of life. Marmara is unmatched in hospitality and sincerity.

How to go to Rijuk Waterfall

To see Rijuk Waterfall, you must first come to Bandarban city. You can go to Bandarban from different places in Dhaka by Shyamli, Hanif, Unique, S. Alam, Dolphin, etc. After reaching Bandarban city, board a local bus or jeep to Ruma Bazar. From Ruma Bazar, you can visit Rijuk Waterfall by trekking on foot or renting an engine-driven boat.

Where to stay

You can stay at Hotel Hilton in Ruma Bazar. And in Bandarban city, there are residential hotels like Holiday Inn Resort, Hotel Four Star, Hillside Resort, Hotel River View, Hotel Three Star, etc.


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