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Sada Pathar: A White stone paradise.

Sada Pathar: A White stone paradise.

Sada Pathar (সাদা পাথর) tourist center is located in Bholaganj (ভোলাগঞ্জে) of Companyganj (কোম্পানীগঞ্জ) Upazila of Sylhet. Companyganj (কোম্পানীগঞ্জ) is a bordering Upazila at a distance of 35 km from Sylhet city. And there is the white stone paradise. The place called ‘Sada Pathar’ (সাদা পাথর) has gained fame as a new tourist spot adjacent to zero point of Bholaganj Pathar Quarry (ভোলাগঞ্জ পাথর কোয়ারি).

Location of Sada Pathar

First, you will reach Lakkatura (লাক্কাতুরা) tea garden after crossing the border of Sylhet city. There will be rows of tea trees. Lakkatura (লাক্কাতুরা) tea garden is the first tea garden in Bangladesh. Beyond the end of this tea garden, is Salutikar (সালুটিকর) Bazaar. Then the boundary of Companyganj begins.


Sada Pathar

After that, you will see green paddy fields on one side and huge swamps on the other. To enjoy the natural beauty, you will reach Tuk (টুক) Bazar in Companyganj. From there Sada Pathar tourist spot near Bholaganj zero point by trawler for half an hour.

Beyond the zero point of Bholaganj Quarry is a forested area surrounded by high hills. Just looking at it will make your eyes close. All around is the green field. And if you look down, you will see white stones spread. And clear water in between. The turbulent cold water of the spring is coming down from there. The water of the spring is flowing down the Dhalai (ধলাই) river.

When is the right time to go to Sada Pathar?

You can visit the Sada Pathar all year round. But the beauty of this place doubles during monsoon. June to September is the best time to visit. If you go there at other times, you will see the beauty of the rocks, but the amount of water in the river or stream will be less. In winter, there is no navigable water in the White Stone area. Then you have to explore on foot. During the rainy season, stones are scattered on the riverbed.

Although it looks the same, but when you go there you can see the differences. The most beautiful sight there is the water rushing over the rocks.

The zero point area of ​​the Dhalai River, a border river coming down from India, is locally known as the ‘Sada Pathar’ area. This spot has now become an attraction for tourists. Tourists flock there every day to see the stunning natural beauty of the area.

sada pathar

It is known that a lot of stones come down every year during monsoon with the water of Dhalai river coming down from Khasia (খাসিয়া) Jaintia (জৈন্তিয়া) hill in India. Dhalai river also has huge reserves of stone. Bholaganj Ropeway was constructed from 1964-1969 to ease the work of stone lifting. Today the ropeway towers stand as a witness of the times.

When you go there, you will see the scene of stone lifting. The sight of stones being lifted by small boats will mesmerize you. This is how the people there extract stones for livelihood. Clear blue and cold water always comes down from Cherrapunji to the white stone source of Bholaganj, the largest stone quarry in the country.

How to go?

CNG from Ambarkhana (আম্বরখানা) in Sylhet and BRTC, local and tourist buses are available from Majumdari (মজুমদারী) area to Bholaganj. These buses run every 20 minutes from 8 am to 6 pm. It will take about 1 hour 30 minutes to go from Ambarkhana to Bholaganj. If you want, you can directly go to Bholaganj ghat number 10 by reserving private car.

Besides, you can go to Bholaganj via CNG, Laguna or private car through Tuk Bazar in Companyganj. Trawlers are available from Tuk Bazar to Bholaganj Zero Point Sada Pathar. Even during the rainy season you can go to Bholaganj by boat.

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