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An Oasis Beauty of Saint Martin’s Island

An Oasis Beauty of Saint Martin’s Island

An oasis of natural beauty Saint Martin’s Island

Saint Martin’s island, in Chittagong division, is the only coral island in Bangladesh. It has a local name as the people of this area call it ‘ Marikel Zinjira’ which means coconut island in their native tongue. This landscape also known as ‘ Darichini Dwip’ for its natural beauty and crystal clear water runs from the Bay of Bengal. It is possible for any tourist to walk the entire island.  The serene beach of Saint Martin’s island refreshes the tourists. This beauty of this island is magnified more in traveling blog.

Location and history

This island demarcates as the international borderline between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Saint Martin’s island, located toward the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal is a small island just about 9 km south of the Cox’s Bazar- Teknaf peninsula. Another small adjoining island called ‘Chera Dwip’ separated by the high tide which just located 8 kilometers west of Myanmar, facing the Naf River. First Arabian sailors about 250 years ago settled down on this paradise island. They named this island – Zafira. During the British reign, this island named Saint Martin’s island. Nearly 7500 inhabitants of this island live on fishing. The island does not have an electricity facility. But there are some powerful generators to run the hotels, motels, and other shops and houses.

To experience the natural beauty of this island, people flock every year from different parts of the world. From 1989 to 2004, except Bangladeshis, all non- residential Bangladeshis and foreigners the only people allowed to visit the island. But now it changed- all residential Bangladeshis permitted to witness the mysterious beauty of the island. Tourists can book tickets from Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar. To know more meticulously about this search here at travel blog.

Best time to visit the island

The best time to visit Saint Martin’s island begins from November to February. It is known as the tourist season. Tourists must aware of Saint Martin’s island weather forecast lest they fall in the trap and spoil their expected trip. Visit this island from March to July is an offseason. Cyclone or any other natural calamities may occur during this time. But in the usual time, the island gets filled with tourists from 10 a.m. since the Ferris start carrying them to the island. Tourists move about across this island and escort the place before 3 p.m. because ferries then leave this place. Know more here at travel note.

Sandy Beach

The main attractive site on the island as a tourist spot is the sandy beach. The blue water breaks into the shore with the shade of coconut trees along the beach. The beach is always lively with high tides and low tides that make visitors wonder at the game of nature and you can know another tourist spots and his history please visit here traveling blog.

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Where the light of the sun, seawater, and shades of trees play in the tune of paradise beauty. The area of this island 8 square kilometers which gets reduced into 5 square kilometers during high tides which makes the tourists possible to trod around the entire island. On the shore, there are a variety of games attract visitors. The beauty of colorful sky seen in the water, the shades of trees, the wind at the beach, and the presence of creatures make the island a beautiful paradise where one finds eternity for the soul. Sometimes visitors get tired of exploring the beauty of stretched Sandy Beach so they prolong their stay on the island to spend more time with it. Where are you going to travel? You must know this place well before you go so you can enjoy this place. details this place visit traveling blog.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is another interesting and attractive experience tourists wait to go through. Tourists thrive to dive into the water as scuba diving facilities let tourists swim with fish underwater, and see the coral, reef, rocks with a moth, and trees under it. The island gets filled with life as the beach sports, parties, and a bonfire light up the island and the island becomes a piece of paradise in the evening time. One can go for scuba diving, hiring an engine boat, and go for a tour about the island. Scuba diving costs around BDT 2000, snorkel gear, 500 and boat hire, 600-800. If interested to know more about scuba diving, follow us at travelingbd.

Chera dwip

Traveling BD

The Chera Dwip is another attractive island, the adjacent part of the main island get separated during the tide. It coral islands made up of live and dead forms of corals with little greenery trees. There are no residents here but makeshift shops that provide fried fish and coconut water for the tourists. The island gets flooded during high tide in the evening. So visitors should make an early move from the island. To reach this island one can prefer walking or hire a boat for BDT 250-200, and for speedboat 1200-1500. Delve into this dwip with a travel note.


Another fascinating and enjoyable moment on the island for tourists is that of buying local fresh seafood, a bit costlier than of Cox’s Bazar because most inhabitants earn their livelihood from this. Seafood can found in almost all the food stalls on the island. Order your food or groceries from Sandy Beach Restaurant in Cox’s Bazar Delivery to your home or office Check full menu and items Safe & easy more read traveling blog.

The trip by ship

Tourists enjoy the trip to the island by the ship. On the journey to the island by ship, seagulls accompany the tourists to reach the island as if they are welcoming them. It is enjoyable to feel the combination of natural beauty.  Tourists also like riding sea- truck travel that adds extra merriment as they experience the scenic beauty of hills of Tekna and the Bay of Bengal. But during the off-season, it is dangerous from May to September to take rides on the sea because of the fickle harmful weather.

Useful information

Worth to mention that the amazing beauty of Saint Martin’s island may not quench your thirst. It also can spoil your interest to visit it again if you are not well alert and vigilant to make fruitful management regarding your journey. Accommodation, food, trip in the island, and so on with an honest, experienced tour operator. Truly the island is beautiful with various species like sea turtles as they nest on the island, birds, and corals, fish, and coconut trees. Corals sold here that make tourists interested to buy and keep it with them as a souvenir. But we need to keep in mind that corals, birds, turtles are on the verge of extinction. The natural beauty of the island will fade away along with their extinction if we don’t take care of them. To help you, we are here on a traveling blog.

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