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Sajek Valley Tourist Spots of Natural Beauty

Sajek Valley Tourist Spots of Natural Beauty

Sajek Valley the heavenly beauty of natural

Sajek Valley is one of the topmost tourist spots in Bangladesh, located among many beautiful hills in Baghaichhari under Rangamati district. In hilly areas in the midst of greenery ranges of slopes, Sajek Valley stands as a sight catching panoramic natural beauty of Sajek. It is about 1800 feet high from the sea level. Known as the queen of hills and a roof of Rangamati people love this place. With a passion for its mysterious beauty and stunning white dark clouds that touch all. Visitors wonder at its lush green, scenic beautiful nature, wilderness, and the opportunity. To get a touch of the floating clouds. The beauty of this place is just heavenly- every year people come here to fly with clouds. Explore with your curiosity here at travelingbd‘.


From Khagrachari town Sajek Valley is about 80 kilometers far and 90 kilometers northeast of Rangamati town. One interesting matter is that Sajek Valley is only 8 kilometers away from Mizoram, India. Tourists take pleasure in taking Walk with nature to the border side of India. The weather in this place changes frequently. Explore your curiosity here at the travel blog.

Natural beauty

Traveling BD

Indeed, no word is enough to describe the beauty of Sajek Valley. This is an ideal place for nature lovers, travelers, adventure lovers, and all people who even do not like wandering and melancholic in the heart as it provides unfathomable mysterious beauty of nature with its deep forest, grassland, hilly areas, and clouds. On the top of the Valley, tourists burst into joy when they come in contact with the floating clouds and get its moisture. It is an unspeakable joy and delight that the tourist finds at the peak of Sajek Valley. When one reaches on the peak of the Valley, he finds himself flying with clouds and he is in heaven with no contact with the earth. This is a beautiful place where visitors experience the meet of heaven and earth together. People get thrilled after coming to this place. There are some small water bodies and hilly roads in the valley which just give you an experience of existed paradise.


Tourists also love meeting the local inhabitants. They are very hospitable and amicable. Though from different ethnic minorities like Chakma, Marma, and Tripura, they live here peacefully. They add extra attention and love for the tourists to come here, see their life, experience their ways of making food, earning a livelihood, family custom, and so on. They are also the source of attraction for the visitors. Their houses are attractive and most visitors love to stay with them the whole day experiencing life more closely with the beautiful weather here. Explore your curiosity here at the travel blog.

Hilly mountains

The journey to Sajek Valley is wonderful and memorable for the tourists. Roads are stretched through the uneven hills. When a car ascends one feels as if he is going to fall backward. In the same way, when the car comes down on the hilly road one feels just the opposite. After all, these going up and down experiences you will reach Sajek Valley. This is truly a tremendous enchanting you will not forget ever.

Exciting sceneries on the valley

There are exciting sceneries on the valley that will lift your heart with unending joy. The glow of the setting sun and helipads on the hill will make you feel heavenly. Many tourists come here to witness this natural beautiful phenomenon. Nature is so attractive and loving that it calls the visitors to spend time with her in merriment with other people in the valley. They chat, gossip, and sing-song loudly. Another exciting moment on the valley that tourists do not miss is that of standing on the edge of the mountain for a longer time and fly with the mists. This is a heavenly experience to feel the beauty of nature. Explore with your curiosity here at travel note.


Another mesmerizing beauty in the valley that people enjoy is the sunrise. Early in the morning, tourists wait eagerly to see the gorgeous rising of the sun. It seems to them that the sun was hiding behind the valley whole night and slept with them there and now in the morning it is coming up with brilliant beauty. It becomes so beautiful that one can not express its exceeding beauty in working. The sun shines the cloud that covers her whole night, plants, trees, and the hills. With the rising of the sun, the whole nature gets alive. It is a just heavy feeling one goes through in the heart.

Komlok Waterfall

After experiencing the beauty of the sunrise tourists movies out into locality to see the Adibashis. There is a well-known waterfall named Komlok Waterfall or Pidam Toisa near to the village. But there is a difficulty to reach the waterfall. A very high pointed hilly road from Para – Helipad road is leading to the waterfall. The steep hilly road of the waterfall is about 80-85 degrees long to reach the peak of the waterfall source. This is very risky especially for inexperienced and bulky people. But this waterfall is truly an exciting sport for the tourists to wonder at its amazing sounds and cool breeze. Explore with your curiosity here at the travel blog.

Way to go

Sajek Valley is mainly falling in Rangamati but most visitors prefer to visit this place via Khagrachari. There are A/C and non- A/ C buses available from Dhaka to Khagrachari. From Dhaka to Khagrachari journey takes only 7 hours. Once you reach Khagrachari, you have to go to Dighinala by CNG- run auto or any vehicle. Then the vehicle from here will take to you Baghaichari Bazar and through Dighinala  you will reach the valley. But one can go to the valley directly from Dhaka by Shanti Paribahan.

The shelter at the valley

For your shelter in the valley, you do not need to worry because the whole Sajek Valley is full of hotels and restaurants. All the resorts, hotels, and restaurants are protected and controlled by the Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Border Guard. According to your budget, visitors can choose any hotels. These hotels and restaurants are located in such a place that the picturesque view is well captured from inside the rooms. You will enjoy this place. Explore with your curiosity here at travelingbd.

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