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Sada Pathar: A White stone paradise.

Sada Pathar (সাদা পাথর) tourist center is located in Bholaganj (ভোলাগঞ্জে) of Companyganj (কোম্পানীগঞ্জ) Upazila of Sylhet. Companyganj (কোম্পানীগঞ্জ) is

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Nijhum Dwip (নিঝুম দ্বীপ) – A Unique Eco-tourist Spot

Nijhum Dwip (Silent Island) is a small island in Noakhali District’s Hatiya Upazila. It is an island group that first appeared

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Manpura Island (মনপুরা দ্বীপ)

Manpura Island is an isolated land in the Bhola district of Bangladesh. The Meghna River flows to the east, west,

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Belai Beel (বেলাই বিল)

A wonderful combination of river and beel, this beel exists in the area called Kanaya Bazar of Gazipur with its

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Boga Lake

Bogakain Lake or Boga Lake is a naturally formed lake 2000 years ago at 1200 feet above sea level at

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Sompur Mahavihar

Sompur Mahavihar is an ancient Buddhist temple in ruins, located in the Paharpur area of ​​Naogaon district, about 10 kilometers

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Sixty-domed Mosque – a carrier of history

The sixty-domed mosque is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Bagerhat District of Khulna Division, Bangladesh. It is

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Kotka Beach: A Beautiful Beach of Sundarbans

Kotka beach is one of the most attractive places in the Sundarbans. It is located in the southeastern corner of

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Tajhat Zamindar Bari of Rangpur District

Tajhat Zamindar also known as Tajhat Rajbari is located in Mahiganj, Rangpur district, Bangladesh. It is a historic palace. The

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Bisnakandi is located on the India-Bangladesh border and has breathtaking scenic beauty. The best time to visit this site is

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