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Traveling to  Cox’s Bazar, a Scenic Beauty of Nature tourism places of Bangladesh.

Traveling to Cox’s Bazar, a Scenic Beauty of Nature tourism places of Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar, Scenic Beauty of Nature

Cox’s Bazar is such a city which is famous for fishing, port, and tourism center in Bangladesh. To clarify among many other mind-blowing sites in Bangladesh, traveling to Cox’s Bazar stands foremost.  History says that the present Cox’s Bazar was so beautiful and attractive that even Arakan kings fell in love with it. It became famous for its long stretched natural sandy beach. Which is located 150 km on the south of the divisional headquarters city of Chittagong. Cox’s Bazar is also known for ‘yellow water’.

Captain Hiram Cox who was an officer in the British East India company. For instance to remember his rehabilitation work for refugees, a market was put up and named after his name Cox. From then onwards the place becomes a tourist center for its natural beauty. Though the mystery of divine beauty has poured out here that attracts people to feel its touch. Visitors get thrilled to experience parasailing, water biking, beach biking, horse riding, Cox Carnival circus show, and numerous architectures. However, the fabulous moment in the dusk at the sea beach keeps the visitors waiting to see its brilliance. The long stretched yellow water devours the rosy sun into its unending deep water that makes the tourists stun. In addition to the visit to the sea beach in traveling Cox’s Bazar, the site seeing lovers move around to explore the natural beauty in nearby areas and parks.

Himchari, among many attractive places in Cox’s Bazar,

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It is one of the attractions for visitors. En route to Himchari is also stunning and exciting because the roads lead to it is of green trees on one side and vast blue water body on the other side which hurls visitors at wonder.

There is an extraordinary waterfall here which becomes magnanimous in the rainy season and dwindles in winter. Tourists can take bath in the waterfall and take some splashes from it to soothe mind and body. There are also some hilltop resorts for relaxation, and to enjoy the breeze. The park has high forests, low forests, and grasslands with some trees. Almost 117 plant species are here. 58 species of trees are here, 4 species panes of grass, 15 shrubs, 19 climbers, and 21 herbs.

The park is also known as ‘ paradise of birds’. Around 287 species of birds lives here. In addition to that, there are 56 species of reptiles, 55 mammals, and 13 species of amphibians are thought to be moving here in this evergreen forest. The park was founded in 1980 by the Bangladesh government as a peaceful conservative area to study, research, and to spend time in recreation with green natural beauty. It’s also a home for elephants that give sometimes a joyous surprise to the visitors.However Laboni beach is widely thought of as the main attractive beach area in Cox’s Bazar. Crowed by tourists this beach provides tremendous joy as they can take sunbath, can surf, swim, and some do jogging and cycling. However some souvenir shops sell souvenirs, beach accessories, and other items that attract visitors and main product is local handmade crafts.

There is a stony beach near Cox’s Bazar named Inani Beach

That also attracts visitors to find serenity with beautiful nature. Imani Beach as a golden sand beach attracts tourists who love the wonder of nature. Visitors like to come traveling to Cox’s bazar for relaxation as it is free from the crowd. The beach is the longest beach in the world.

Aggmeda khyang a large Buddhist monastery is situated near the town where Buddhist devotees go every day from Cox’s Bazar. The monastery contains some important old manuscripts and small bronze Buddha images; it provides a prayer chamber surrounded by cool leafy trees creating a devotional atmosphere. Ramu, where Buddhist believers live is also a great place to visitalmost 10 km from Cox’s Bazar, . They sell colorful earthen handicrafts that connect the visitors with the mother earth. In this small village, there are monasteries, pagodas, and things that hold the image of Buddha in Bronz, gold, and other precious stones.

Here weaver plies their trades in open shops, a craftsman makes cigars in their pagoda like houses. Bangabandhu sheik Mujib Safari park as known to all is the first Safari park in Bangladesh. Which is evergreen and rich with herbs, shrubs, creepers along gharjan, boilam, telsur, and chapalish. This park is a protected area for animals to move around freely and visitors can see them when they come by bus, jeep or on foot just 50 km from Cox’s Bazar city. Safari park sustains some domesticated elephants. Riders are here to take the visitors around. Other animals like tigers, bears, crocodiles, and lots of birds make the park an eco-friendly ambiance for the tourists. Inani Beach which is a stony beach near Cox’s Bazar that also attracts visitors to find serenity with the beautiful nature.

All the attractive beaches mentioned above are reachable by any means.

The beach is a stretch of golden sand in Cox’s Bazar. Though the crowd starts from November to March. Moreover If somebody is reluctant to enjoy the beauty of the crowd, the best time will be between April, June and September. There are some international chain hotels like five- star and three-star hotels to provide all possible luxurious facilities. Also, there are some modern hotels, motels, and guest houses that bare minimum cost for accommodation traveling cox’s bazar.

A variety of accommodation centers are available now. These are to help visitors explore the brilliant look of beaches and other natural beauty in and around Cox’s Bazar. It is worth to mention that a decade back communication was not that good in this area. You can visit by air or road link from the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka, and the port city Chittagong. Direct High- class bus services ply every day to and from Dhaka and Chittagong.

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