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Traveling to Rangamati Paradise of Tourist Land

Traveling to Rangamati Paradise of Tourist Land

Rangamati Paradise of Tourist Land

Tourists get fascinated at the sites of Rangamati. In addition Rangamati has lots of natural beauty to offer for the Tourists such. As beautiful lakes flowing from highlands, water stream cascading from lush green hills, some stunning tourist attraction sites, and the simple lifestyle of the tribal people of this area. With all these combinations, traveling Rangamati adds a flavor of panoramic beauty of nature.


The Chittagong Hill Tracks is made up of three districts. Rangamati is one of them. However distance from Chittagong to Rangamati is about 77 kilometers.

Kaptai Lake

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For tourists, Kaptai Lake is a wonderful place to explore the beauty of nature. Therefore visitors who are adventure-loving can go for boat rides. The lake fully surrounded by lush green trees, valleys, and plain lands. Floating on the lake you could experience the huge panoramic beauty of the green forest near the lake. Like visitors spend time in this forest to get, a cool breeze and thus feel eternity. The green forest beside the lake gets reverberated by the chirping of different birds. Visitors lovingly listen to the song they sing for them. It’s a mind-blowing experience traveling to rangamati listen to the chirping of birds in the midst of green trees.

From the lake visitors enjoy valleys from hills. These valleys offer panoramic beauty of nature as if the valleys will take you to the clouds of high. This man-made lake is truly a scenic beauty of nature that visitors enjoy it from the core of their hearts. There are also some picturesque spots that also beautifully observed in Rangamati. The panoramic beauty of Kaptai Dam, Rangamati Hanging Bridge, Academy of Navy, Shuvalong Jharna, Carnafuli River, and Carnafuli Cable Car ride fascinate the visitors. Explore with your curiosity here at traveling rangamati.

Kaptai Dam

Another remarkable tourist attraction in Rangamati is the Kaptai Dam. For that many tourists visit this place and spend time with the beautiful surroundings here. The sound of water, the foam of water, and its flow create a beautiful experience for those who have not seen this place before. In 1962 the Kaptai Dam was inbuilt across Karnafuli River. Moreover the purpose behind the Dam was to generate hydroelectric power. As a result the water which is pushed from this Dam gets collected in the Kaptai Lake. To get in the Kaptai Lake from Dhaka it takes only 10 hours via Chittagong. You can go to Chittagong in any way; air, bus or train.

Shuvolong Waterfall

Shuvolong Waterfall is a wonderful cascade that flows from the hills of the Shuvolong area. As a result visitors like to come here to take a natural cool bath. It is heavenly merriment of taking bath in this waterfall. The magnificent joy a tourist gets from here remains every green in heart. The surrounding area of the Shuvolong waterfall is full of lush green trees. While taking bath in the waterfall, one feels that the green nature is giving you a bath from above the unknown sky whose source is very generous. The hight of the waterfall is about 300 feet.

This waterfall is popularly known as the Shuvolong waterfall. Moreover the captivating beauty of the Shuvolong waterfall can be enjoyed especially during monsoon time. The sound of the splashing eco in the heart of the visitors as if it calls to play with it to adore the beautiful nature and the panorama it creates. Visitors hire boats from Rangamati to go to the Shuvolong waterfall. The adventurous boats carry visitors over the Kaptali Lake. From Rangamati to the Shuvolong waterfall it takes only one and a half hours with a fare ranges from Tk. 1200-300. Explore your curiosity here on the travel blog.

Rajbana Bihari

The largest Buddhist Temple in Bangladesh was established in the 1970s in an area of 33 acres of land. From Rangamati it is only 5 kilometers. Amid tall green trees, with the presence of peaceful ambiance and with the backdrop of Kaptai Lake the largest temple, Rajbana Bihari, stands with pride, rich tradition, and heritage. Visitors come here with a heart full of respect and curiosity to know to see the biggest temple in Rangamati. As a result the surrounding around the temple makes a sense of holy reverence in the heart of the tourists. Moreover Trees, birds and the soothing power of the nature around the temple touches every soul.

Rangamati Hanging Bridge

The Rangamati Hanging Bridge provides a superb panoramic view of nature. The hanging bridge over the blue water of Kaptai Lake is the symbolic landscape of Rangamati City. It is 335 feet long. This bridge gives a tremendous feeling of experiencing a unique life. The term ‘Hanging Bridge’ itself defines its nature of beauty. Visitors come to this place to have a thrilling experience from the bridge. This is a heavenly place where you enjoy lush green trees, mountainous hills, and blue water of Kaptai lake. Explore with your curiosity here at travel note.

Cultural Museum in Rangamati

Visitors are don’t miss this place to visit. The museum holds long pride in tribal tradition, heritage, and their manuscript. Visitors who like to know the life of the tribals, their lifestyle, their tradition, and other things make a compulsory visit to this place. Inside the museum, there are old manuscripts, coins, crafts, ornaments, musical instruments, weapons, painting, potteries, costumes, photographs, tools, and statues. These are the valuable possessions in the museum that narrate you the long story about the traveling Rangamati tribals. Their lifestyle, food, language truly make you feel love them. After visiting this place you will feel deep respect.

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Ting Ting Island

Ting-Ting Island is another interesting place for tourists to visit. This island situated on Kaptai Lake. Moreover this land provides a cool breeze and a beautiful natural landscape of the Island. Besides the natural beautiful view of the island, you can also enjoy tribal food here. This is one of the most expected experiences visitors want to have here on this island. In addition tribals have their restaurants here. They cook their tasty indigenous dishes like Bamboo Chicken. Visitors served food with bamboo. This is a thrilling experience for some visitors. Evening time this island takes a beautiful look with the setting of the sun. Explore with your curiosity here at traveling Rangamati.

Time to visit

The best time to visit Rangamati begins from October to February. In this time the temperature of Rangamati goes down and nature becomes cool. Explore with your curiosity here at travel note.

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