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Waterfalls in Bangladesh

Waterfalls in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, the country swamped with natural beauty. In the rainy season most of the waterfalls in Bangladesh get back their roaring because of heavy rainfall. In this post from Traveling BD we will try to mention some of them which will help you to learn at a glance and it will help you for planning for your upcoming trip.

Himchari Cox’s Bazar – a waterfall in Bangladesh in the opposite of sea beach

The amazing waterfall of Himchari may be a very rare scene to enjoy. The waterfall from the green hill is comparatively extraordinary to seem at. However, within the winter it dwindles whereas within the season it’s really wonderful and full waterfall might be enjoyed. The spot is right for a picnic, shooting, relaxing, and sunbathing. But whenever you’ve got sunbathing locals can rush around you as Bangladeshis’ aren’t wont to see women in swim costume. Here you get a beautiful hilltop resort center where you’ll stay for relaxing and may hear the shore of the Bay of Bengal.


Madhabkunda – a Calm and Cool Waterfall

Bangladesh is the country of green and natural beauty. Its natural beauty has many features. These features included with many exciting waterfalls in Bangladesh. Among all of those Madhabkunda is one of the foremost beautiful and attractive waterfalls of Bangladesh. Madhabkunda Waterfall and Eco Park situated in Barlekha Upazila in the District of the Sylhet Division. The waterfall may be a popular tourist spot in Bangladesh. Big boulders, surrounding forest, and therefore the adjoining streams attract many tourists for picnic parties and day trips.


Panthumai Waterfall

Another name of Panthumai is Pang Thu Mai. This is another tourist hub in the Sylhet in Gowainghat district. Tourists visiting this village can see the Panthumai waterfall, which is really situated on the Indian border. Through Panthumai an exquisite scene is often observed of the waterfall because it rushes down during a scintillating force.


Nafakhum Waterfall

The first thing to recollectonce you want to enjoy the sweetness of Nafa-Khum, you’ve got to travel an extended way. Surely, I can assure, you’ll just like the place and can not be bored. does one know, Nafakhum is that the largest waterfall in Bangladesh if you think about the quantity of water falling? People explain it because of the Niagara Falls of Bangladesh. that’s to mention, Nafakhum is found within the Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban district a hilly district of Chittagong Division.


Shuvolong Waterfall

Shuvolong Waterfall is one of the wonderful and mysterious fountains located at the bank of Kaptai Lake, Rangamati district of Bangladesh. it’s a natural and most fascinating fall for the tourists. Shuvolong Waterfall is within the Borkol Upazila of Rangamati. The pure water spring of this fountain creates a special feeling within the heart of the tourists. within the season the waterfall from 300 feet high and an enthralling melody is heard from that.


Ham Ham Waterfall

This waterfall is in the remote hilly area of ​​Kurma Bonbit in Rajkandi Reserve Forest of Kamalganj Upazila in the Moulvibazar District of the Sylhet Division. The locals call it Hamham Jharna or many call it Hammam Jharna. Although there is no road to reach this waterfall, tourists climb the inaccessible hills and small kabaka and high hills with great difficulty and rush here in the hope of enjoying the pure entertainment of nature.


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